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Nikki Newman Funky Spud
Nikki Newman Funky Spud

What was it that got you started?

A passion, a skill, an idea, a dream?

Whatever it was that inspired you to start. This is only the first step on the path to a successful business.

Having spent several years working in Operations Management for some of Ireland’s leading brands across diverse industry sectors; I developed a substantial business skill set and also discovered a passion for design, marketing and the art of mapping the online customer journey. I moved into consultancy for the start up/sme sector where I found myself faced with the tough marketing and visual identity challenges testing small businesses moving into the online space.

Many new ventures waste large cash reserves on unsuitable brand and web packages or fall foul to the myriad of cheap-trick, magic self build website “solutions” on the market. Businesses can end up tied into lengthy contracts, where the costs quickly spiral, most inopportunely while the business is going through one of it’s most vulnerable, establishment phase. Often the products are unsuitable for adequate search engine listings and the subsequent time, expertise and financial investment required to remedy the situation can be prohibitive.

I have struggled through the limited budget, learning curve of the start up and in doing so I developed a real passion for this sector. My goal is to put my skills to use where I feel they most fit and are most needed, simply put this is what gives me pride and a profound sense of achievement.

Cash rich business have more reserves and are better resourced to invest in their future, in brand awareness and in upscale advertising campaigns. Small businesses must box clever and find innovative ways to reach that target market, while remaining focused on tight budgets. There are a substantial number of large web and design companies out there, with fantastic teams and scope but it comes with a hefty price tag and sometimes by being focused on the bigger picture, the nuances, unique selling points and personal journey of the team behind the concept is not given the time and personal attention it requires and deserves.

So it is the burgeoning online space where I continue to evolve and hone my skills and look for opportunities and challenges. To work alongside smart, creative pioneers with a real passion for their concept. To use my knowledge and experience to help guide businesses through those pitfalls, to take that trailblazing idea and give it a visual online personality that will create real and lasting impact with the core audience.

Many realise too late that a realistic investment of time, energy and money is needed to build an online presence that works for them and will actually bring in valued customers. The idea behind funky spud is to provide a bespoke service to help navigate these marketing challenges and pitfalls that confront startups and small businesses. That is the passion, behind the brand.

By getting to know your business and developing a creative working partnership I can take you through any or all of the stages and processes that will give your business a successful marketing presence. From initial brand development to website development and social media engagement my aim is to authentically showcase your business to maximum effect.

Nikki Newman

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